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Below you will find various restoration projects I have performed over the last few years. From terrazzo to marble, from traverine to limestone, I have described the condition of the existing surfaces, the unique issues encountered and the solutions employed for a successful restoration. Give us a call with your restoration question, (321) 794-0237


This is a typical terrazzo restoration. The floor was ground, honed and polished with diamond discs and final polished with a Crystalizer. Don't believe what you might have read about Crystalizer on other web sites. Restorers who don't know how to use this product correctly will say it is no good or harmful. Any restoration product when used incorrectly can damage a floor. Crystalizer, also known as vitrofier, has been used successfully by restoration professionals since it's introduction to the US market in the 1960's.


This limestone floor in Lansing Island was difficult to polish to the high natural shine the customer wanted. The previous restoration company used a top coat sealer that looked artificial and wore off quickly.


This 12x12 black granite was damaged during remodeling at the Lincoln Auto Dealership in Merritt Island. I did the repair and restoration in January 2013 for M. H. Williams Construction Group.

Mosaic Medallion

When installed, this medallion was tumbled marble, very rough and full of holes, with grout joints meant for sanded grout. The grout joints and holes were filled with polyester resin color blended to match the surrounding stone. It was sanded and honed with hand held sander/polisher, so the stone was not damaged before polishing. It is in the entrance of a home in the Crystal Lakes development in Melbourne Beach. I did the initial work October of 2010 and have regularly maintained it


This picture shows an older floor that was poured using gray Portland cement that was more common in the fifties, before the white cement became more popular. This job was done in November 2012 and is on Riverside Drive in Indialantic, FL.


This floor was a unique challenge. It was extremely pitted and had a large crack. The entire floor was skimmed with a cement base filler color matched to the damaged marble chips. A curing agent was applied for seven days so the cement filler was as hard as tl}e marble chips in the floor, then diamond ground, honed and polished. I did this floor in May of 2013 on Niblic St, Melbourne, FL.


This marble floor is in a home on Highway AlA in Satellite Beach. It was first restored by me in March of 2011 and was regularly maintained until the house was sold.

This floor in Lansing Island was heavily scratched by chairs. The scratches were removed with diamond grinding then the floor was polished with a marble polishing compound and sealed with 511 Impregnator. I did this restoration job in January of 2013.



This picture is a good example of the discoloration that can occur when covered by carpet padding over a long period of time. There is a shaded effect where the carpet padding was. This job is on Belaire Dr, Indian Harbour Beach, FL. I completed it in April of 2013.

This floor was installed with a "honed" finish. The uneven edges (lippage) were removed and the holes filled. It was polished to a high shine and sealed with impregnating sealer. I did the work in February 2013 for Joe Shack Construction in Sewall's Point, Stuart, FL.

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